2019 Summary Of Art

woah i never post here. BUT, heres a this

swig.... i do not use here evr but shoutout to me for being lesbian squared

oh we LOVE havin a computer illiterate teacher

Trender rights babey

first time submitting art so i hope im doing this right lkjsdglksdgljdksg BUT uh. this is my sona. you may not like it but this is the ideal male body

*wiggles around like a little animal*

Street the Endercat

i've been playing a lot more minecraft lately, me and my friends have a survival server, and i've at long last made a minecraft oc .... he's an enderman-cat-robot hybrid named Street and i love him

really out here forgetting this site exists

Neil Cicierega | Shit

wormssss -

Wow! Gay Rights!

apotheoseity asked:


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lets start this account with a summary of art! november's character belongs to colacharm on da

Wow!!!!!! a Nother social media site. swaggy